SCC Minutes for Sunday, December 8, 1996

Attending: Teresa Palumbo (Chair), Craig Parker (Treasurer), Scott Lindhurst (Secretary), Scott Hanson (Outreach), Stephanie Lutter (Worship), Tim Koehler (Education), Korie Lebert and Teresa Palumbo (Social Ministry), Kyle Markquard (to replace Korie on Social Ministry), Krista Bultmann (Social Activities), Andy Lubansky (Hospitality), Scott White (D.C. Representative), Andrew Seaborg.

The meeting began with devotions by Scott White.

Correction to November minutes: Krista says that we only need 125 people at the spring banquet, not 190.

Committee Reports

Old Business

Our goal for the student fund drive was $2500 in addition to the $500 matching funds. So far we have more than $2200; Craig should have final figures at the next SCC meeting.

We will make Lutheran Campus Center T-shirts. Scott Templeton will design the shirt, but he needs guidelines and suggestions. We plan to make a short-sleeved shirt with a small logo on the front and a large design on the back.

New Business

We filled out staff evaluations of the Bonnies and our houseperson Ryan.
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