SCC Minutes for Sunday, November 10, 1996

Attending: Teresa Palumbo (Chair), Scott Lindhurst (Secretary), Stephanie Lutter (Worship), Korie Lebert and Teresa Palumbo (Social Ministry), Nate Blair and Andy Lubansky (Hospitality), Kelly Brook (D.C. Representative), Brent Christianson (Campus Pastor).

The meeting began with devotions by Korie.

The minutes of the last meeting (taken by Teresa) were accepted.

Committee Reports

Old Business

The Lutheran Brotherhood fund drive deadline is November 22nd. We received lists of people to remind about the drive. A suggested approach is "Did you receive the letter and will you think about contributing?"

New Business

Six students and Laurie are going to the LSM national retreat in San Antonio over New Year's.

Teresa suggested making and selling LCC t-shirts. We like the idea and a few members of the SCC think we can get shirts made for less than $10 each if we order about 50.

The next SCC meeting is Sunday, December 8th at 7:00 in the Campus Center. Don't forget to attend or Teresa will be forced to use her gavel.

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