SCC Minutes for Sunday, September 8, 1996

Attending: Teresa Palumbo (Chair), Scott Lindhurst (Secretary), Stephanie Lutter (Worship), Tim Koehler (Education), Korie Lebert and Teresa Palumbo (Social Ministry), Krista Bultmann (Social Activities), Nate Blair and Andy Lubansky (Hospitality), Kelly Brook (D.C. Representative), Brent Christianson (Campus Pastor), Laurie FoxPetrov (Campus Minister).

Treasurer's Report

The Lutheran Brotherhood matching-fund drive will go on this year.

Committee Reports

New Business

Teresa talked about making a homecoming float. It would increase our visibility and reach out to the campus community, but we would need 10-15 people willing to volunteer for 10 hours each to build it. If she gets enough people to commit the time, she'll organize the float-building.

We will put up a booth and give out information at the Student Organization Fair in Memorial Union on October 2nd. We only need a couple of people to spend two hours.

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