SCC Minutes for Sunday, May 5, 1996

Attending: Bryan Anderson (lame duck chairman), Teresa Palumbo (new chair and Social Ministry), Scott Lindhurst (Secretary), Stephanie Lutter and Chris Magnell (new and old worship chairs), Nate Blair and Andy Lubansky (Hospitality), Terry Strauss (Fine Arts), Brent Christianson (Campus Pastor).

The meeting began with devotions by Bryan.

Committee Reports

New Business

We could make a float for the homecoming parade in October. It's a lot of work, but could be fun and increase our visibility. We decided to do it only if we get enough interest and volunteers.

Remember the summer worships in various parks (May 29, June 5, June 12). Look for schedules, directions, and carpools at the Campus Center.

Very few people signed up for the Boundary Waters trip (most likely because they're going to Eastern Europe in August instead), so the trip probably won't go out this year.

The next SCC meeting is Sunday, September 8th, just after the first week of classes.

Advice from the new chair

Committee chairmen should engage others in their committees. Not only does that help keep them from burning out, it also gets more people involved in the life of the Campus Center.

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