SCC minutes for Sunday, March 26, 1995

Attending: Francis, Andrew, Emily, Laurie, Krista, Ryan, Erik, Nikki, Brent, Scott.

The meeting opened with devotions by Francis.

Treasurer's Report

"No change since last month."

Committee Reports

New Business

LCMWUM (Lutheran Campus Ministry of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan) is meeting in Madison on March 30 and 31. There will be a short Vespers service with them at 9:15 PM on the 30th followed by wine and cheese.

The LSM (Lutheran Student Movement) regional retreat is April 7-9 at Lutherdale.

We talked about who was running for next year's SCC and which positions needed to be filled, and came up with several people we will try to convince to run. Candidates are needed for Worship, Outreach, Social Ministry, Education, President, and Directing Committee representatives. Challengers for any other positions are also welcome.

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