SCC minutes for Sunday, February 19, 1995

Attending: Nikki, Francis, Emily, Erik, Laurie, Krista, Brent, Nate, Jeremy, Scott.

The meeting opened with devotions by Nikki.

Treasurer's Report

Jeremy handed out a list of the September-December activity, and it looks as though we still have money left. We have yet to make up budgets for the different committees; all are allocated $100, but they just spend as much as they need. For example, Social Activities and Outreach have to spend more than $100 each, but the other committees don't seem to need very much money. So we have to make up budgets one of these months.

Committee Reports

Old Business

SCC/DC retreat followup: there is a small group working on our mission statement; first they have to figure out what one is supposed to be.
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