My other Macintosh programs

These programs are generally old and relatively unsupported, but I'd be glad to try to fix any bugs you find. For supported and polished software, see my Sokoban home page.

Large Number libraries (May, 1998)
These are the large integer (multiprecision) routines from Knuth's Art of Computer Programming, adapted for Macintosh. Works with Think Pascal and Codewarrior, last I checked.
Fireflies (October, 1992)
Fireflies is a screensaver module for After Dark. Get the binhexed file of version 1.0.1.
Sort (November, 1994)
Sort is another After Dark screensaver. A previous version won honorable mention in a contest sponsored by VAMP, the Dutch Macintosh Programmer's Association. This revised version actually works. Source code is included.
ParsePInterfaces (January, 1996)
This program will parse the PInterfacesHelp file that comes with MPW's 411 help system and output the descriptions in a format suitable to use with Peter Lewis's ObiWan help system. The archive includes complete Think Pascal source code.
Stereograms (April, 1993)
I once started to write a program to make random dot stereograms (those pictures that look 3-dimensional when you stare at them right). This program doesn't work well, and requires input in the Mac Plus startupscreen format. But it made the first stereogram I ever saw! (A friend described them to me by e-mail, and told me how to make one, so I did.)

Last modified: April 13, 1999.

Scott Lindhurst,

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